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The Clean Water Project

Join us in preserving marine ecosystems for a sustainable future.

$ Raised for the Sea

We have recycled 75% of the waste from our clean-up initiatives, significantly reducing ocean plastic and pollutants.

Research and Innovation

Showcasing ongoing research projects, technological innovations to ocean preservation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that every person has access to clean, safe, and sustainable water. We are committed to improving health, empowering communities, and fostering environmental stewardship through innovative and sustainable water solutions.

100% of Donations Fund Clean and Safe Drinking Water

Rest assured that every dollar you donate goes directly to funding projects that provide clean and safe drinking water. Your generous support is dedicated entirely to making a tangible impact in communities in need.


Current Initiatives & Projects

Coastal Cleanup

Join us for a Coastal Cleanup event where volunteers come together to remove trash and debris from our beautiful coastlines

Goal: $250,000

Marine Education

Dive into Marine Education Day, an engaging event designed to raise awareness about marine ecosystems and the importance of ocean conservation.

Goal: $50,000

Habitat Restoration

Be a part of our Habitat Restoration event, where volunteers work on projects to restore natural habitats for local wildlife.

Goal: $150,000

Clean Water for All

A Global Initiative

Through extensive research and collaboration with local communities and marine scientists, we’ve developed a comprehensive approach to coral.


Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans, making them the planet’s largest habitat.

Over 500 wells dug in communities across multiple countries, providing reliable access to clean water.

More than 1.5 million gallons of clean water generated annually through our sustainable water projects.

Our Coral Reef Restoration project aims to revitalize degraded coral reefs in Miami through a combination of coral transplantation, artificial reef structures, & community involvement.

How You Can Help

Getting Involved


Become a Volunteer

Lend a hand and make an impact by becoming a volunteer. From local events to global projects, your time and effort are invaluable in bringing clean water to communities around the world.


Make a Donation

Support our mission by making a donation today. Your generous contribution helps fund essential water projects and brings hope and health to those without access to clean water.

Join Us in the Journey to Revive and Protect These Underwater Wonderlands for Future Generations.